Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rain, Rain, Went Away!

Riverside's wide, dry river called the Santa Ana, filled up with the constant rains we've been having. Here's some shots of our walk over the Rubidoux bridge.

Usually this is like a sandbox, with a small stream trickling down on one side.

I stop and focus on the belongings of some homeless person; they have a large community in these river bottom bushes, but have obviously been washed out.

It's a quilt, and underneath that, a bag that looks to contain another quilt top or two. Who does this belong to? Where'd they get the quilt? The quilt top? Are they newly homeless with this economy? Or older and more saavy, knowing how to procure these kinds of luxuries. Luxuries that are now washed down the Santa Ana.

The water is muddy, roiling with foam and belongings.

And when we woke up today?

The rain was gone, leaving white mountains robed in snow.

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Judy said...

Awesome pictures. The quilt picture is especially poignant. The mountains take your breath away today, don't they?