Friday, February 19, 2010

Fall Fashion Shows in New York

File this under Another Good Way to Waste Time on the Web. Along with this week's Olympics, which I'm crazy for, are the fall fashion shows held in New York City. I love heading to the New York Times website and looking at all the clothes. I kept finding things I wanted to share with my sister Christine, who is there in New York currently serving a mission, as she has such style and embraces different ideas in fashion easily.

This is not representative--just what I like this morning.
First up is Anna Sui, or How Many Patterns Can I Wear at One Time? And I love them all.

The way the NYTimes lets you see things is an outfit at a time, with thumbnails below (if you wish it that way). The way Sui layered the clothing, the accessories is inspiring. I kept thinking how it would look on a middle-aged woman of a certain size, in a hot climate, in a classroom. I guess I just get to admire them here.

The line of this dress is a throwback to what I used to wear as a teenager--I still have the dress patterns out in the garage to prove it. But what's amazing is the tights, the handbag, the necklace--all giving this simple design elegance and style.

Check out not only the scenes from Montana on her sweater, but also the designs on her knees.

Same tights. Different layered (both in the clothing and in the pattern) look.

The fabric design is echoed in her tights.

Ralph Rucci had some interesting things going on with accents of textures. The jacket is pretty straightforward, until it comes to this gridded jacket front. Detail below.

And what's wrapped on her hands? Everyone of his models had these stringy-faux-glove thing.

In honor of the Olympics, from Marchesa's collection, I present:
Girl Gone AWOL From the Skating Rink.

And in nearly every season there's a picture I call the Feed Me picture. A model that looks like she hasn't seen real food in about a year, with emaciated looks (beyond what the show has in mind) and too-skinny of legs and body.

This is this season's Miss Feed Me.

Tommy Kane, a guy who always has his sketchbook with him, recently drew what he thought they ate:
Love the pencil shavings bit.

Okay, carry on. I've done enough time wasting this morning. I had a late night last night, staying up to watch the Men's Figure Skating Finals, loving that Lysacek's style of skating won out over the jumping Russian Plushenko.

As I watched I was also able to quilt on my long-long-long-term quilting project: my appliqued Medallion quilt that I began in Washington DC. For some reason the quilting is taking FOREVER. One reason is because I was trying not to use pencil to mark up the quilt top, trying to use masking tape to keep my lines straight. Last night I said to heck with it, and with a ruler, drew the quilting lines. It's amazing how much faster I can go if I'm not struggling with strips of blue tape all over the place.
Last bit of news: we had an earthquake this morning, rattling my nerves. Ever since I was in the HUGE earthquake in Lima Peru as a child, any little shaking makes me tingle all over.


live a colorful life said...

I just had to comment after the nice comment on my blog. I would love to have lunch with you. I'm in Fresno. I'm assuming you are some down south? Your comments on the fashion show are great. Do you watch Project Runway. Have a great weekend watching the Olympics!
Oh, and another thing we have in common: I have cute, cute, cute, grandkinds as well! Isn't that the best gift?

tracyjax said...

that last model, the too skinny one, looks like a man.