Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ice Dancers

While I was definitely rooting for the Americans to win gold, I thought the medals ceremony, where the Canadian gold medalists--and the entire hall, it seemed--were singing O, Canada, to be a touching end to a wonderful segment of Olympic competition.

I think I like pairs ice dancing better than pairs figure skating, if that's possible.

Click on the picture to go to NBCOlympics.com and watch the ceremony.
Now back to the grading: the second set of essays came in yesterday.


Tracey said...

Hi Elizabeth-- Are you revving up for the SOLSC starting on Monday? I hope so, and if so, I'm looking forward to reading your daily dispatches.

Anonymous said...

Canadians are typically less overt with their patriotism than Americans, but this Olympic-spirit is really bringing it out in "us". The biggest retail clotherier has the license to sell t-shirts, etc. and they have been sold at pretty cheap prices ($15 t-shirts of good quality...almost unheard of in Canada) and that seems to have really encouraged the wearing o'the red like never before. The Canadian spirt seems to have really come out! I can't wait to see what happens when (if?) they win the men's hockey gold medal! Canadians love their country, as does anyone else, but don't typically make a big deal out of it like they do in the USA.

PS: I agree. You should take part in the Slice of Life challenge again. Starts tomorrow I think!