Friday, August 29, 2008

Okay, I admit it. I'm going through withdrawal.

First it was Michael Phelps, the tightly-wound Chinese and their perfect Olympics. Every night I watched the spectacle.

Then America segued right into the Democratic National Convention. I began to follow fashion blogs on Michelle Obama, read commentary on Hill and Bill, and was surprised to hear a speech from John Kerry that was really fiery and natural. I spent many hours with Jim Lehrer and his PBS sidekicks, and watched every bit of the final speechifying at Mile High Stadium, joining 38 million other viewers (more than watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies).

I happened to like the set, but it did work better in the evening. For those of you who are also going through televisionland withdrawal, here's one final tidbit from that evening: Barney Smith.

Thank heavens the Republicans start in three days!

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