Monday, December 15, 2008

This past week has been busy.

Monday night we went to Target, site of many fond memories of hunting Christmas trees.

We've learned to carry our own scissors into Target in order to cut open the twine-wrapped trees, and after looking over one, maybe two, we buy it. We've got it down to a science.

Decorated tree. We switched to a star this year from the previous years' homemade angel. When I showed my granddaughter this picture, she said, "Oh! the Christmas Star!" as if it were profound. That's why I love six-year olds. (And granddaughters.)

I always make a batch of Mrs. Woodruff's caramels. The summer I was 19 and 1/2 and married, there were a whole slew of weddings. And at every wedding was a basket of wrapped caramels from Mrs. Woodruff. I used to carry them home from wedding receptions, a surreptitious handful in the purse at a time. That Christmas I contacted her and she agreed to teach me. Sidelight: she was my orthodontist's mother. This is the pan, with one strip of no-nuts for my friend. I wrapped them on Wednesday night while I watched an episode of Hercule Poirot Mystery Theater (Netflix).

Friday, Barbara had her baby and Dave and I hosted his Department's Christmas Get-Together. I made plans to drive to Arizona.
I arrived Sunday afternoon, and had fun watching my granddaughters Emilee and Megan tear through their lives, which of course included a jumping session on their new trampoline, with their dog, Sammy.

Just before dinnertime, this amazing sunset appeared. I walked down to the corner to photograph it.

Lights on the way home.

After dinner, baths, then hot chocolate, stories, brush teeth and bed. These girls are very fun.

The next morning Megan gave me a sweet smile before she headed off to school and I headed further north to Flagstaff to help Barbara with her baby.

Riley and Keagan wave to a thank you to their grandfather Eastmond (or in their vernacular "Grandpa with the Big Stairs") for sending along a bag of oranges for orange juice.

Of course we had to squeeze some.

Keagan models the new hat that her Aunt Kim knitted for her. Very cute.
Riley's line: "I want to hold it. I want to hold it on the chair."

She's not crying. Just squeaking a little.

The winter storms have arrived in this part of the country, with the sifting powdery snow falling all afternoon and into the evening. Their front porch wood pile and Christmas lights are coated with chilly frosting.

Madilyn and her Dad.

Keagan, the big sister and a profound six-year old, holds little Madilyn. She told me the baby doesn't like flash because the other grandma took a photo with flash and Maddy (her nickname) frowned. So I dialed back the flash. Keagan is a loving child, whispering little tidbits of truth to her sister: It's Christmas. Mommy's over there. Daddy's upstairs with Riley. Grandma loves you.

Oh, yes. I do.


barbara said...

Wonderful blog just full of all the pictures I wanted to see. One note: Ms. Woodruff was Jackie's mother not Blaine's. You probably already knew that.
Love, Mom

Cynthia said...

Loved the post, love you!