Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We're snowed in!!

While Dave and Barbara took Maddy to the doctor's for a bilirubin check, Riley, Keagan and I ventured out to take a picture of the snow-laden car. It has snowed and snowed all day. Talk about a winter wonderland.

Because her counts are high, they wrap her in a blue-glowing biliblanket, lights imbedded in a flexible cloth-covered light system, as it helps break down the high bilirubin count. I remember Jeff Rugh as a baby--so golden he glowed (we loved the look), but now that's frowned upon.

When Dave and I were in Costco back home, we saw this panettone with the label "Madi," and couldn't resist buying it for the newest Maddy on the planet.

Keagan worked hard all morning on her "scrapbook" that Grandma had brought her. With multiple stickers, markers, and time, she transformed the blank page into a "story" about a birthday party. She then informed her mother that the next time she "went out with the girls to do scrapbooks," she should be allowed to go, as she now could scrapbook.

Barbara and her newborn babe.

Keagan and her little sister.

Good morning, world.

Riley, in the glow from the frigid outside snowy day.


Cynthia said...

Love the baby photos!!

napnotes said...

Congratulations Grandma Elizabeth! I don't know who looks cuter--Barb or the baby.