Wednesday, December 03, 2008

With the planets Venus and Jupiter only two degrees apart, it's made for some interesting sky watching.

I missed the first night, when it made a smiley face (this one's from Australia).

I noticed our sky show driving home Monday night on the 215. After I got past the car fire driving, I pulled off the exit onto Chicago (by the warehouses) and snapped this.

I flipped it when I got home. Maybe this face is because I don't like driving in traffic. To make myself feel better, I went into the seasonal See's candy shop, set up in one of the warehouses. I bought little chocolate balls wrapped in red and gold foil (milk chocolate) and green and silver foil (dark chocolate) and a box of peppermints. The chocolates are for the grad student gifts, and I took the peppermints over to Leisa's house as a kick off the season gift for her.

While there I was able to see her newest grandchild--a teensy newborn about a month old. I felt much better!

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