Friday, May 06, 2011

Big Smiles

That little 50-cent pin in the corner of this completely unexpected certificate brought a million-dollar smile to my face yesterday morning. I had no idea what it was shen I pulled it out of my school mailbox, but immediately put the pin on my sweater and wore it proudly all day.  My mother says it's a nice reward for not "putting my head down on the desk and crying" after seeing the last post about some of my students' papers.
Wow.  So unexpected.  So lovely.  I think I'll make it to the end of the semester now!


Donna Smith said...

How sweet! We don't often get those. We usually get the others. The reason we raise our heads up off the desks and wipe tears of pain and replace them with tears of joy!

Artax said...

Congratulations! Now, my advice is to take this and be happy with it, and don't open any student ratings later. Just pretend they never happened.