Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Grading Research Papers

The Stair Method of Grading Papers--the step they land on when thrown determines the grade.
Some of the best lines from my recent batch of papers:
• "[Teachers] are a part of the process in helping people find and obtain a complacent [sic] career.

• "Today's students are entirely different bread [sic] than those of previous years."

• "It is hard to say exactly what would combat students in these shoes."

•"By only sticking to those they know and share the same view points [sic] with they never get to expand and understand others and as such never even get to start the bond with the college as a whole.  This may seem somewhat irreverent [sic] in the big picture, but it has an invisible hand in things."
(A contender in the Sell Me A Comma as well as A Vague Pronoun award.)

• "Many teachers in the teaching district are now adjuncts and although these teachers are trying the skimpily [sic] don't have the necessary skill that full time [sic] teachers have."

Note:  When Dave and I were in Shanghai, we would go to the hotel manager with a question.  He would answer in English.  But we couldn't understand what he said, even though we recognized he was speaking the same language as we were.  I have a little of the same problem going on with this student.

How a teacher feels when correcting the same error a billion times--one that we went over and over and over in class.

• "Another example of a graffiti artist is Keith Haring, a social activist who in the 1980s created street art using bold lines and vivid color, and social issues."

• "Plenty more citizens that are currently unemployed and struggling can now get a good holding to make some money."

•" If the ordinary consumer did not have to pay more on gas they can use the money in other industries, stirring the economy more."

• "After almost being caught red-handed, Banksy told himself he had to either cut the time it took him to bomb him [sic] art or quick [sic] the whole street scene altogether.

•"Couples that have fertility problems turn to first, if they can afford the price tag."

Happy Grading!


-C said...

I think that post single-handedly answered the question, "Do our students reread what they have written before submitting papers for grading?"

If a student had to answer the question, he or she would probably respond by saying, "On."


alotalot said...

Grading however social and awesome makes a head hurt and ache! haha

Happy grading to you!


Judy said...

Sum of these student sentnence's are pretty. Hillarious. Obviously you dont skimpily have the skill full time teacher have.
(Ironically, the word verification I have to type in is "painese." Honest!)

Donna Smith said...

This maketh me wonder to what ends they have been striving lo these many years!
Has he submited pappers lik this there hole lifes?
After a couple of those, I would be tearing my hair out...like the cartoon. Priceless!
I think they get distracted by trying to use big words and all else goes right out the window, down the tubes, into oblivion, flushed!