Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day, 2011

Monday morning, I put on my patriotic earrings which were purchased in Washington, DC ages ago when we took our family on the East Coast trip around the 4th of July.  We watched the fireworks from the Mall,  with the Washington Monument there like a stem to the spiky chrysanthemem-like lights bursting into glory over our heads.  A couple of the kids squabbled over the umbrella in the light drizzle.  One child made eyeglasses out of the glow-in-the-dark necklaces we'd purchased. The ride home to our hotel took us hours because the Metro was jam-packed with people.  It's a great memory.

We walked about half-a-mile to our main boulevard, and waved our flags and cheered on West Coast Rolling Thunder.

We'd invited our friend Rob to join us this year.

Then I came home and put up our Red, White and Blue Quilt in the hallway.  Read more about that *here*.

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Judy said...

I love the image of the firework chrysanthemums with the Washington Monument as a stem. Also, isn't it weird how things like squabbling kids and traffic jams morph over time into some of our best memories?