Sunday, May 01, 2011

Royal Wedding, Reflections

We were all waiting for this, weren't we?  The lovely Catherine Elizabeth kissing her groom. 

I believe we were all this lovely on our wedding days, our groom just as besotted with us, the sun just as bright, the dress perfectly fit and styled for us.  All elements combined to make the magic for our own memories just as rich and as real as that which we saw in London on Friday.

I remember stepping out from my newly said vows to a shower of shredded ficus leaves from the plant nearest the door, the torn bits tossed by my children, waiting for their mother to finally finish marrying her beau.  Surprised, but happy, I felt every inch a woman who had met her Prince Charming and had snagged him.  We went out to pictures and a wedding luncheon hosted by my parents, where perfectly lovely things were said and perfectly lovely memories were made. 

All weddings are completely different.  Yet all weddings are the same and involve a happy couple, shining in the realization that they are the luckiest people on the whole planet.  

P.S.  I loved this spoof!


Donna Smith said...

Not watching tv, left me out of the wedding loop. What I've seen has been after the fact photos online...
But I must say that I loved her dress!

Judy said...

I like that idea of every young couple "shining in the realization that they are the luckiest people on the whole planet." This wedding was a sweet reminder of that joy in our own lives.

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