Monday, May 09, 2011

Strawberries & Etcetera

The strawberries this year are amazing.  Dave and I drove down to see Chad on his birthday (he looked terrific!) and on the way out, drove past Manassero Farms.  The fragrance from the berries just picked that morning was divine.  Before we ate them all up, they posed for me.

Here's another interesting photo, taken in our local Costco on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th). It says 100% Agave.  I assume that's Tequila, put into bottles that resemble shot guns.  Yes, yes.  We are so highbrow here.

On the day of the Royal Wedding, I got up early and watched it, which you already know.  But what you don't know about is how my friend Judy invited me over to watch the recaps (okay, I begged, because she has a TiVo and I do not.  Long Story.). To further entice me she mentioned that she might have scones.  I jumped, and this is the lovely breakfast of fruit with a yogurt/honey sauce and those delectable White Chocolate-Orange Scones (recipe found over on Elizabeth Cooks). It was an enjoyable morning, getting each other's take on the (silly) hats, then topped off by the brilliance of the ceremony and that Royal Kiss.  It gave me that needed motivation to go back home and grade papers.

Last night Carrie from Iowa arrived, with her friend Gina (on the left); they've know each other for years.  This is a cool thing, because I met Carrie when participating in a online writing blitz three years ago, and we've become friends because we both like to write and we are both adjunct teachers of English.  It's fun to finally meet a pen pal.  Gina is a professor of art education, and is immersed in studying the art produced by those students in the Japanese Internment camps, so she is touring around the Western United States visiting the Internment Camps (next up, Manzanar).  Our breakfast table conversation was fascinating, as she talked about these things.

And the last photo is a mundane location (our local shopping center) but is representative of the lovely (cool) weather we've been having around here.  It's a nice breather before the summer's furnace arrives.  Now you know I've really lost it if I'm providing weather reports.  No, it's just that I'm coming down to the end of the semester (3 more teaching days) and my brain is similarly throttling down, unable to handle complex tasks or erudite ideas.  Given that, the weather is an appropriate subject.

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