Sunday, September 05, 2010

Blues on the Bed, finally

Finally got the bluesy quilt done and on the bed.  Click *here* to go over the the quilt blog and see another shot (and an explanation of what I watched in order to Get It Done).  I hate that in this new Blogger I can't link photos to websites.  Oh well.

I'm trying to cram everything in this weekend, before I start back on on the School Forced March.  It's been a luxurious wallow of time this past two days--books in the corner, working on quilts, watching old movies.  Time has become my currency and I guard it like I used to guard real cash in our bank account, back in the teenager years when we felt like money was flying out the window (it was).  So when the sweet lady at church asked me today to write the Roadshow Script for our congregation, I politely declined.  It was a struggle--for a minute or so.

For those who don't know what a Roadshow is, it's a very fun/crazy/insane day where several congregations present their 7-10 minute show.  You are given 2 minutes to get your scenery on and 2 minutes to get your scenery off after you finish, hurrying before the next one begins.  I've written several Roadshow Scripts in my lifetime, and one even won Best Roadshow Script.  One of my favorite Roadshows was when I taught the entire cast the song to Take Me Out to the Ballgame, but one note off, so when we finished the words, there was still one note waiting to be sung.  We left it lingering in the air until it was almost painful, then had a cast member step out and sing that final note.   The theme was American Traditions, and during the song, another cast member (a teenaged boy), sat down on the stage and ate an entire cherry pie.  We were a hit.

I remember doing the make-up for a stage show our larger church put on--with a cast drawn from many congregations.  (My daughter Barbara was one of the dancers, so I also helped make costumes.)  I've painted, sewn, written, choreographed dances, blocked out stage directions, driven children and other cast members, directed (and not directed) many Roadshows.  I know what it takes.  Given the delicate balance this semester of work and sanity, I turned it down, with a twinge of regret. 

On a different note, I asked Dave to figure out what we're going to have for our Labor Day Barbecue.  I want to smell Labor Day, I said to him.  I want something on the barbecue that has a really good smell, that's a new taste, something that we can sit and enjoy while out on our patio in the late afternoon. One candidate is the Char Siu Tacos, found in this presentation at the New York Times, but we were also intrigued by the Rattlesnake Tails, if only for their name (they're not really rattlesnake tales, but my friends Judy and Bob--who eat from all parts of the food chain--would have gone for it).

 I hope you have a good Labor Day, with a good barbecue, a nice break before Fall officially begins on Tuesday.

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Judy said...

"Time has become my currency"--I like that. And I like those Rattlesnake Tails. We're going to have to try them!