Saturday, September 04, 2010

Bathroom Almost Done

Monday the shower was grouted.  Also on that day, Steve (the counter guy) came and installed all the drawers and the pull-out shelves (on the right and left) and the door handles.

This is the shot of them on Tuesday, installing the mirror.

Steve and Ceasar.

Artsy shot of the bathroom.

While I am not crazy with the wall color, I've decided to live with it (too tired to paint it over).  We had the bids on the glass enclosure and I'm just trying to decide which child to sell in order to pay for that.  At this point in the refresh, they have you over a barrel: you just want it DONE so anything that comes is kind of like paying a ransom.  I like the shower enclosure guy, and I'm sure it will be done very well. After the flooring (which comes in on Tuesday). In a couple of weeks.  About the same time the light fixtures over the mirror come in, and the electrical in the pull-outs will be done.
THEN I can take a shower in our new bathroom and declare THIS PROJECT OVER.
It's been a great ride, we had great contractors and I'm happy to have a lovely new bathroom.  Now on to other things.
(And in just in case you want to compare, here's BEFORE.)


Judy said...

How about a "before and after" post? It's already hard to remember what is gone.

CSL said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see what you chose for shower doors.

Chad Anselmo said...

Sell me!!