Saturday, September 18, 2010


An article in the Washington Post recently was about the new trend in camping.  It's "glamping" or glamour camping.  It was a review of a campground that offers yurts (see above & below) instead of tents for people who want to get out in nature, but in a comfortable way.

It reminded me of the last time we went camping in Zion National Park.  It was the traditional Memorial Day campout with the extended family.  We set up our six man tent, with corded poles looping over and creating our little space.  We unrolled our foam pads, our sleeping bags on the hard ground.  We thought it was pretty good until we looked next door at Chad and Kristen, who had set up a massive multi-room tent, complete with a blow-up air bed, hanging lanterns and the works.  I was completely jealous and determined never to go camping again until I had a blowup air bed like theirs.

But I could go for a yurt.

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Judy said...

I must confess that I hate to camp. Yep, and I married The Camping Man. I could go for Glamping.