Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Penultimate Bathroom Post (whew!)

 At long last, the floor is done.
It took many more days than anticipated, giving rise to the workman (Donald) and I calling this a spooked job.  Some things that got in the way:

The Leak.
The little hose that connects from the wall to the toilet had a slow and steady drip drip drip the entire week we were gone to Delaware.

 The Fix.
Cut up, haul out and carry away damp floor; replace with new.

The Beginning.
Donald started in that area, laying down our new wood floor.

The Daily Haul, Up the Stairs.
Compressor for the nail gun (the floor was both glued and nailed), vacuum, extension cords, floor protector. He stacked the wood flooring (in the boxes) in the corner of the bathroom.
Some other obstacles faced:
The Heat. 
In case you hadn't heard, LA and Phoenix weather swapped places for two days, which caused all the power to go out.  No nail gun.  No saw.  See you tomorrow, Donald.
My Schedule.
I work MWF mornings, and most days he couldn't come until around 2 p.m.
The Toilet's Peculiarities.
Two wax rings, new bolts.  If you've ever seen a toilet installed, you understand all that.

But yesterday, we declared it done.

Last Saturday (about 4 days ago), I couldn't stand it any more and told Dave I was taking a shower in the new shower even if it was covered in construction dust, and only had half of a floor. It was lovely.

We're still waiting for the lights over the mirror to come in, but I did want to show you the nifty plugs in our pull-our cupboards/drawers:

I never have to put away my curling iron again.  Or the hair dryer.
We are really happy to be at this point--and our two-to-three week job only took 7 1/2 weeks!


barbara said...

HOORAY! Be sure to turn your curling iron off every time you use it in that fancy drawer. Do I sound like your mother? Well, I am and I don't want you to have to go through this again.

Judy said...

I have outlet envy.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Those pull out drawers for the hair dryer are a sign of genius. I think a small leak on the floor is a pretty minor hiccup. When we pulled up our bathroom floor, we discovered it was never properly sealed and water had been seeping in for years...that's where the mildew smell came from! gross