Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Two Views, Springboarded off of Krugman

Paul Krugman penned a rather depressing column in the New York Times about the coming bad years, titled 1938 in 2010.  Yes, apparently there's more to come. I find Krugman, a Nobel Laureate, compelling reading.  I guess it's time to make sure we have our Food Storage all tucked away.  However, no matter what viewpoint a columnist writes, I always find it instructive to read the comments afterwards, seeing what others might say.
Here are two letters:

 Paul Krugman is nostalgic for the glorious big-government New Deal days of 1938. Actually, the 2009 stimulus did stimulate one industry. That's the sign industry, which created The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act propaganda signs which are polluting the American landscape.

and #2:
Enough, Nobel laureate Krugman. Enough.

Look at the bright side. You will get even more tax breaks, which you should use to save yourself and your family. Go live in a country that is civilized. We prefer guns, hate, war, and tax cuts for the wealthy: the divine rights of white Conservatives.

Let's celebrate with a beer. And tune in to watch our Conservative majority Supreme Court and the Conservative dominated Congress rewrite the Constitution in their image.

The stupids have triumphed. No regrets. After all, we let them have our media and then our minds. Given enough repetition, their lies and half-truths sound comforting, like the crackling of fire on a cold winter's day. And that fire will burn brightly for a long time as we feed it with the contents of our public libraries (those liberal dumps of anti-Christian Socialist, Communist, liberation theology turned out to have a good use after all.)

I, personally, will dye my hair blond and look into lightening my skin color. And will definitely shred my college diploma. Our new leaders won't like edumacated folks. No big words from me. Just "yes sir," "no sir," and "Jesus saves."

We should all try to fit in. It's the American way.

And on a somewhat unrelated note, I offer this interesting picture, full of angles and grids.  It's in the Executive Office Building, a fancy old building at the end of Pennsylvania Avenue, near the White House.  I'm sure there's a tunnel into this place for I rarely saw people come in and out.

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Liz said...

very cool picture! I love all the closed angles and symmetry.