Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Delaware Visit

Tuesday morning, I met Rhonda, a friend and quilter from the DC area for brunch and afterwards we headed down to my old quilt guild for their first meeting of the year. See OccasionalPiece-Quilt for the full post.

Harvard Lane
Then on to Delaware to see Christine, my sister.  She married Doug in June and they live now in Newark, Delaware.  As we drove I could see tinges of fall color in some of the trees along the parkway--it would be really fun to be here a month from now to see the full fall color.

Christine and Doug's House
Wednesday morning Dave headed off to his conference at the University of Delaware, and Christine and I backed up her hard drive on her laptop (to take it in for a checkup)--cleaning out closets while we waited, as she and Doug are trying to blend two households--as witnessed by the mountain of boxes in several rooms of their house.

Lunch with Jake and Elwood
Yes--they're in McDonald's!
 Then off to do errands, to see her studio space, complete with interesting art objects, such as 3-foot high plastic Santas, etc.  Back home, we tackled shelf papering in some of the kitchen area, then she was off to an art lecture.

Dave and I headed out to a conference dinner, where we visited with old friends.  On the way in, we saw this beautiful plant, which I've tried to identify with no luck.  Can anyone out there help me?

(No, it's not a Porcelein Berry vine.)
Tomorrow: more cleaning out, more errands.

Update: Tracey told me it was a Beautyberry vine. Very cool name.


Alice said...

Cool, it's fun to see those photos. I know my mom really appreciates your organization skills. Actually...I should hire you:)

Judy said...

So why didn't you get up on the counter with Jake and Elwood? No guts, no glory.

Tracey said...

Is it beautyberry? Looks like you're having a fun trip!

Letterpress said...

Tracey--Beautyberry it is! Thanks for solving the mystery! Now I wonder if they'll grow in my yard--probably not.