Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stalled Bathroom

Where are we on the bathroom refresh?
Stalled.  And that's not meant to be a pun.

The floor guy came, un-installed the toilet, chipped up a bit of the mess left by the tile, declared The Time Is Too Short, and left.  He wanted to come back the following Monday, but I was in DC that day--unavailable.  So he lay down this carpet padding (ick), set the toilet back in the proximity along with our boards, and left. We left for the East Coast, happy to be out of the chaos.

While we were gone, the tiny hose that connects the water supply to the toilet had a slow and steady leak.  All week long.  When it came through the ceiling yesterday morning, Dave picked up on it, setting buckets underneath.  When I arrived home late afternoon yesterday, I traced the source of the leak, and put a bucket underneath it.  I also called the floor people and shared my deepest and truest feelings about the current state of affairs with them.

This morning, first thing, the owner of the floor shop was out here.  Yep.  We have to tear up the subfloor and then they'll decide what to do next, depending on the damage they see (or don't see).

The great news of the day is that the shower door enclosure guys are here--right now!--installing the shower surround. First shower?  Thursday morning--that is if we can walk on our floors.  That's Greg on the left and Dave with the drill.

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Judy said...

Hero Status hereby confirmed on Greg and Dave, Master Shower Installers.